Show Notes – SBTI EPISODE#1 – Robber Barons

Here are the show notes on Robber Barons. As you can see, I did extensive research on what was considered a Robber Baron in the 19th century. It helped me to get a picture of what they were like and what they did. I learned a lot of these captains of industry. Then I took a look at some internet-era tycoons and research their lives. Turn out, there are not much different than the traditional ones. They just used different technology!

Traditional R.B’sModern-Day R.B’s
The Gilded AgeBill Gates
Cornelius VanderbiltBill Gates Philanthropy?
More CorneliusModern Capitalism
A podcast about R.B’sUS vs Bill Gates
J.P. MorganJeff Bezos
R.B’sJeff Bezos an R.B.?
More TycoonsMore Jeff
John D. RockefellerMark Zuckerberg

As you can see, there is not much difference between the two types. Really, they just took advantage of the laws (or lack thereof) of the times. Basically they did things until Johnny law stepped in and said they couldn’t do it anymore. It is not really how you did things but more in how much you could get away with!